Cephalosporin Plant

A 3,000 sqm floor plan building is constructed dedicated for Cephalosporin manufacturing plant & storage/warehouse area and supporting with another 1,300 sqm mezzanine floors for technical utilities area.

Arranged with a latest design to facilitate the requirements of international standards (PIC/S) and conforming the current Good Manufacturing Practices in pharmaceutical industries.

  • Capsule
    Capsule is a unique dosage form which consists two empty separate parts of semi-closed cylinder in shape with i.e caps and body which filled with powder. Cephalosporin facilities producing more than 150 million capsules for a year.

  • Granulated Syrup/Dry Syrup
    With capacity not less than 1,2 million bottles per year, granulated powder formulated for direct oral administration to the patient and dispensed in a more concentrated form that must be diluted prior to administration.

  • Injectables Powder
    A sterile powder preparation intended for parenteral administration that must be constituted or diluted prior to administration. We’re fully equipped with a new automatic in-line machineries which is capable producing of 24 million vials per year.